Interview: Cameron Lavi-Jones of Seattle Alt-Rock band, Gypsy Temple

Cameron and I sat down for a chat almost a year ago (Feb 2017)!

This project was at its seedling stage so I’ve been holding onto this interview. I have other content I’ve been sitting on. I’ve been waiting until the “right time” to share it but then I realized – NOW is the right time! Why wait?

Cameron and his band, Gypsy Temple, released their single “Pick a Number” and you should definitely check it out. Feast your ears a la Spotify.

A friend and I went to their release show on Thursday; I got tons of video and pics and can’t wait to share them with ya’ll! Stay tuned. ❤

Gypsy Temple Make Your Voice Heard Loud
Gypsy Temple are touring high schools to encourage and empower teens to vote. Read the press release!