Mental health is not talked about enough among teens and I think we need to have more programs to help spread awareness and let people know that’s it’s okay to talk about these things to each other and spread awareness.

I also have friends in the new wave of young Seattle music and having a platform for them is amazing.

@isalee.teuber (Instagram)

Isalee Teuber, teen musician & illustrator

“It’s important to get…teens ready for the future.”

@thereald.a (Instagram)

Dorian Adams, teen musician

I’m interested in TMRW because I love the idea of it. Music has helped me so much, whether it be from listening to it or making it.

Talking about mental health is so important to me because I’ve dealt with it first-hand myself and many of my friends have as well. Mental health is so important!

@qvolpemusic (Instagram)

Quinn Volpe, teen musician

[I am] interested in TMRW because I feel that music and mental health kind of go hand-in-hand. Music has helped me with my anxiety because I’m able to express my emotions by singing and writing about it.

…I think it’s a great idea to reach out to teens about mental health since many teens feel like they are alone.

@gabriellas_music (Instagram)

Gabriella Salvucci, teen musician

I could make a whole list about how important it is [to talk about music, teenagers and teen mental health]. Coming from a personal mental health journey, it’s so important to speak up and out about this.

There are so many teens suffering in silence and I am interested in being a place that these people can trust will speak out for them. Music is the most universal language to speak, and through music, so many can be healed.

@pianogirlallie (Instagram)

Allie Turner, teen musician